One way to approach enterprise level #transformation

Here is a practical way to think about for enterprise change… this is a model of concentric circles. Like an orchestra, get started with the core circle, then start to layer in the other pieces. Keep all of the layers going in parallel. Enlist and encourage others in the system to take on these roles also.

Core circle 1) Observe and listen. Ask questions of understanding. Gain trust.

Layer 2) Begin to mentor and facilitate the middle leaders, and/or the informal leaders to see their need for change. What are the broken windows. What’s working well, what needs to work better. (It quadrant)

Layer 3) Begin to offer feedback and coaching to the leaders at all levels as they seem open to input. Seek feedback on myself as a coach. Model collaborative approach, reflection, transparency. (I quadrant)

Layer 4) Coach the senior leaders to develop a vision for the future. Employ tools that work well with both the number of leaders and the existing culture(s) of the existing system(s) (We quadrant)

Layer 5) Work with leadership to create a system for managing change initiatives.  A system that draws on a combination of volunteerism, and nurtures junior leadership within the org. Look for quick wins out of the gate. Provide adequate Project management structure and exec support so that these projects can evolve and succeed. Celebrate wins. (Its quadrant)

The quadrants refer to Michael Spayd’s work and upcoming book as mentioned here



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