On limits and limitations

When faced with a limit that changes the way I was planning to go, I first get mad. Why is that limit there. Who is responsible for that?  Let me go talk with them. Maybe they don’t understand the cost and repercussions of this limitation?

In other words, I move into action, too fast!

In “The one-life solution,”  Dr Henry Cloud talks about the benefits of limits. Limits provide boundaries that guide decision making. Limits are most beneficial when they evolve over time. They are not “forever.” It’s also important for us each to have a sense of our own personal limits. He asks these questions:

  • Where are you being pushed past your limit and allowing something to occur…?
  • What limits of others are you not respecting that it would help if you would?”

I see that the two questions could be in conflict. It’s not always easy to find solutions that work for everyone’s limits. And still it is critically important to try!

In church today were challenged with a message about Necessary Limits, from 2Cor12 “Now I take limitations in stride, with good cheer…” What timing!

In weakness, strength is possible. In weakness we are humbled and start to ask for help. We become open to change. We become curious.

Curiosity assumes there is reasoning behind the limit! …Assuming there are a good reasons for the limit, then ask questions of curiosity.

  • Who might benefit from this limit? In the future?
  • What good can we make from this limit?
  • What other paths can we explore?
  • What are some innovative alternatives that honor and learn from the limit?

Get curious!


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