Today was hard – I hit a pretty big bump in the road. The change road. Of course, even as I write this it seems that it is not such a big deal. But it was about an idea that I was trying to pitch. An idea that I thought had a lot of merit. Useful. Creative. But ultimately not approved.

Not really in a mood to read, I picked up a book called “Managing at the Speed of Change” by Daryl Conner…which talks about resilience. The ability to rebound quickly. To avoid becoming a victim.

“Resilient people face no less of a challenge than others when confronting a crisis, but they typically regain their equilibrium faster, maintain a higher level of quality and productivity in their work,…” etc

Sign me up for that!

Conner also uses a river metaphor. How navigating change relates to a river. The rapids can be tough to negotiate. There are patterns and contraints that need to be respected. Change is not a one-man-show.

Happy that tomorrow is a new day! Let’s see what happens next.


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