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What if you could collaborate with a bunch of people to invent something new? Innovation Games are a great way to creative collaboratively! What if you could collaborate creatively and on a level playing field with people and not even be in the same room? That is the power of the new Innovation Games online platform.

I was honored last week to be a student in an Innovations Games Master class – taught by the inimitable Luke Hohmann. I am happy to be trained and ready to facilitate games now!!! And I’m looking forward to running games at both company and nonprofit events.

Check out the book by Luke Hohmann, then check out the site … there is more here than meets the eye.  Also see Roger Brown’s thoughtful blog post on our class. Another detailed post from a previous attendee is here. I was very inspired by the class, the hands on learning, Luke’s mojo (talented speaker), and the amazing class participants – some well known in the Agile community…all bringing their enthusiasm and creativity. It was a wonderful treat for me to learn in this environment.

I remember reading about one of the early product box type exercises … sounded like fun – but also a bit hokey. Like something I almost could not imagine doing. But when we actually began to assemble these boxes in the class – I found that it was fun and was a very visual and creative way to bring out ideas…. So sometimes what looks silly turns out to be quite effective!

If you get a chance to participate in Innovation Games I definitely encourage you to give it a try. You may be surprised how many ideas, connections, and concerns you discover.


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  1. Joel David Palmer Says:

    Hi, Margaret – I second your remarks, of course. It was telling that the games were so well taught and discussed in the context of playing the games themselves! One of the key lessons I took away was the power of projective techniques such as Product Box to create vessels through which people can communicate in richer and more authentic ways. Great stuff. — Joel Palmer, Games for Democracy

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