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It’s not easy being #agile

June 18, 2013

Some days “being” agile feels like walking down a path with a blindfold on. Unsure of each step. Second guessing, is this the best step to take? Or is this other way better? Reflecting, rehashing, replaying, acknowledging the people and the successes, noticing our own failures and “bowing.”Image

Wow, makes me a bit tired just reading that list. Sounds a bit like riding a bicycle and juggling at the same time. Daunting.

And also energizing.

The unexamined life is not worth living – Socrates

Reflection is key. Reflection and a decision to commit to one change. Long ago Tobias Mayer introduced a group of us (agile scrum team) to “commit cards” where following some retrospective discussion, each team member commits to one thing, and writes that one thing on a card for the rest of the team to see.  And, as a team, we do it all again two weeks later. It is amazingly effective. Try it!

On a personal level, reflection is also important. When I examine my life, my actions, my strengths, weaknesses, mistakes, and opportunities, then I have a chance to commit to practice being different. A chance to grow.  

Recently, I embarked on a different type of retrospective. A  personal 360 survey from . Lots of interesting insights.

I can see that the way that I am perceived in the survey aligns closely to the way that I see myself, which is encouraging. I can also see my weaknesses clearly outlined in the data, and even more compelling is that the comments clearly show that I need to be more aware of those weaknesses, because they shed light on the times when I  hurt others feelings and shut others down.  I become laser focused on a goal or an idea, and stop seeing the people around me.


Strengths can also become weaknesses when taken to extremes. 

Our weaknesses are patterns that come out when we forget to honor our values.

What are your values? Are you honoring your values today?