Be the salmon #change #agile

I was talking with a well respected colleague and friend about the challenges of being a change agent. How we don’t live in a perfect world. We often are faced with the reality and constrains of our environments.

That can be so frustrating for people that approach life with an academic perspective. That things “should” be a certain way.

She and I see life and change differently. We are change agents.

Salmon swimming upsteam to spawn
“Salmon swimming upsteam to spawn by vofuth, on Flickr, used under a Creative Commons Attribution”

She told me this story of the way she sometimes thinks of herself as a salmon.

I am the salmon, swimming upstream, and if it’s a good day I will not be eaten by the bear.

Be the salmon.

Keep swimming. Upstream.

Even when the river currents are deep. Even when life is unfair. Even when the budget isn’t there. Even when a senior exec says no, hell no, to your “great” idea. Even when others are negative. Even when others view your enthusiasm as misplaced.

Be the salmon.



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