Social Entrepreneurship is mainstream #socent

At the ASF conference I was inspired and happy to participate in the standing room only Social Entrepreneurship Learning Lab.

“Social entrepreneurship, the practice of inventing new approaches to transform society for the better, is attracting more talent, money, and attention than ever. Explore this increasingly visible field, including its definition, its intersection with philanthropy, and its inspirational stories.”

“Presenters: David Bornstein, The New York Times’s Fixes column, Dowser, New York, NY; Anne Marie Burgoyne, Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation, Menlo Park, CA; Niki Calastas, Hurliman Scholarship Foundation, Redwood City, CA; Abigail Falik, Global Citizen Year, Oakland, CA; Sandy Herz, Skoll Foundation, Palo Alto, CA; Dermot Hikisch, B Lab, San Francisco, CA; Daniel Kaufmann, Third Plateau Social Impact Strategies, San Francisco, CA; Gerald Richards, 826 National, San Francisco, CA; and Jill Vialet, Playworks, Oakland, CA”

What an amazing group of people.

People who are making a difference. In the world. Today.

Note to self:

1) read David Bornstein’s NYT fixes column and book.

2) visit 826 Valencia – the pirate store with a secret world of tutoring and book publishing!

3) Learn more about the “sense of agency”…what is it really, how do we encourage the building of that sense. And how might that learning relate to increasing healthcare self-advocacy in adults with developmental disabilities?

Tweets and Sketchnotes are posted below:

Another storytelling resource is   from @globalcitizenyr #ASF12 #socialentrepreneurship

Everyone at playworks w @jillvialet learns to tell their inspiring stories  … #ASF12

Recommended book “powered by pro bono” aka army of volunteer models #socialentrepreneurship #ASF12

Support entrepreneurs w the mind of engineer, heart of a poet, gut & rigor of someone who wants to succeed #socialentrepreneurship #ASF12

Good movement building starts with good advocacy #socialentrepreneurship #ASF12

It’s not just cognitive skills that matter. You need grit. Rebound ability listening to @abbyfalik #ASF12

To scale look at how you will scale the impact, not just the organization … Sandy Herz #socialentrepreneurship #ASF12

@abbyfalik: @jessamynlau: As a funder, it’s ok to be a follower. #ASF12 ”

See things not as they are now, but as they can be. Sandy Herz of @skollfoundation at #socialentrepreneurship #ASF12

@mattbarcomb @margaretmotamed hi Matt I will post the notes! It’s a great conference so far #inspiring

Notes so far on #socialentrepreneurship #ASF2012

great idea.Free tutoring on writing etc to kids   w a cool pirate “secret entrance” #socialentrepreneurship #asf2012

Jill Vialet ‏@jillvialet Happy to be spending the morning with @dnbornstein and @giveonepercent at the Assoc of Small Foundations conference

It’s not just cognitive skills that matter. You need grit. Rebound ability listening to @abbyfalik #asf2012

How can we reduce people’s defenses and open then up to #change ideas? #socialentrepreneurship David Bornstein #asf2012

William James quote So much of wisdom is knowing what to overlook #socialentrepreneurship David Bornstein #asf2012

Goal is to get entrepreneurs to create more blueprints that others can franchise #socialentrepreneurship David Bornstein #asf2012

How do we find and support social entrepreneurs? #socialentrepreneurship David Bornstein #asf2012

The smartest people who have solved the problem are not in your organization. #socialentrepreneurship David Bornstein #asf2012

Daniel Kaufman ‏@giveonepercentSpending the day at #ASF2012. If you are at the Social Entrepreneurship learning lab, come and introduce yourself. Would love to meet!


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