Board Self Assessment

I am on a board – a non-profit foundation board. As part of that role, I attended the Association of Small Foundations conference in San Francisco this past week. The session on Board assessment advocated an annual retrospective via anonymous survey of the board. Boards are often that magic 6-8 people size that works so well for collaboration, so while I think the survey is helpful, I know that an in person retrospective would be even better! Clearly refection is a good think, and leads us to improvement. Our board’s next meeting will include a mini retrospective following the board meeting. The “write on a post-it note silent brainstorming style” and then debrief. That’s a great take-away.

Since we meet quarterly as a board (a team), how often will we reflect? How long?

What reflection will you add to your own teams?

Sketchnotes from the session are below


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