Facilitating A Tipping Point For #Agile Organizations #STOOS #BaySTOOS

This week, we enjoyed a wonderfully interesting and energizing mini Open Space facilitated by the awesome David Chilcott. Our meetup topic was to share learnings and ideas about STOOS ! http://www.stoosnetwork.org/

Title borrowed/iterated from @stevedenning article http://www.forbes.com/sites/stevedenning/2012/01/13/stoos-facilitating-a-tipping-point-for-organizations/

Photos and sketchnotes from our meetup are here:


I learned to remember that managers have many stakeholders and influencers. So we are always being pulled in many different ways. So helping us (managers) to grow starts with understanding these forces that pull at us.  

Often, success breeds success. So we also need to highlight examples of leaders and leadership that have succeeded with #STOOS / #Agile values to inspire and encourage others along this path.

Videos are here




Looking forward to our next meetup http://www.meetup.com/BayScrum/



2 Responses to “Facilitating A Tipping Point For #Agile Organizations #STOOS #BaySTOOS”

  1. Dr. Ernie (@Stoosian) Says:

    And focus on empowering and inspiring the young, as they will leave to do the lion’s work of change as we wait of the old guard to die off…

    • margaretmotamed Says:

      Thank you Ernie – was great to meet you at the meetup!

      Our mission is clear, we are developing, empowering, and inspiring (collaborative, agile, stoosian) leadership in others and at the same time learning and growing ourselves.

      It’s not about “me.” That’s an ongoing challenge…

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