Everyday coaching

Today was another great day.  Opportunities to learn keep coming my way.  Most days, the learning is from my own mistake, or from a friend, a book, an article shared via twitter, a reflection, and from everyday life.

Today was a chance to learn with colleagues from a very entertaining facilitator, Jim Sorensen of www.fierceinc.com . We practiced the Coaching Module from the book, Fierce Conversations.  Thank you www.efi.com for the learning initiative!

My sketchnotes are here from the class!


And a key takeaway was the informal coaching practice. Which is another way of being a Collaborative Leader. Everyday people walk up to me and share an issue, and idea, and problem, a complaint. I try to listen and not jump into problem solving. Fierce calls this way of being “informal coaching.” I like the term and the practice was great, too.  I was also inspired to see all my colleagues learning this framework, too. Now I have a bunch of peers ready to practice this stuff with. I am #happy. And certain that this will be a difference maker for us.

You can be an everyday coach, informally, throughout the day.



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