You might be working on a startup

If you are hoping, planning, dreaming to create a new business inside a large company, please take some time to learn about Customer Development, Steve Blank, and #leanstartup.

How many startups fail because of technology or engineering performance? Less than 10%.

What’s missing? Customer Development.

Not focus groups, not market research, not even a great business case or business plan is enough for most Startups to succeed.

Business plans make all the sense in the world in a large corporation for a repeatable product.

Startups, however, need a Customer Development model. That evolves as we learn. Decide what metrics will validate (or invalidate) your hypothesis. Then “pivot” based on the metric (learning). Here is a long video, a UCLA class lecture. Worth it.

I am learning about and practicing the model as part of a Stanford Technology Entrepreneurship class. It’s a free online class with 30,000 students! Crowd learning. I am part of a team of 6. Our project #2 is here We were challenged to take another team’s “worst idea” and pivot it.Then create and publish an advertisement! Looking forward to learning more and seeing how to apply the learning here!


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