Socializing new ideas

Within a large company, it can seems like a mystery to figure out how to convince others to support your idea. It can seem overwhelming. it can seem like your idea is just not possible.


Think again.

It is possible.


Here’s what I’ve learned…

1) Don’t fall in love with your idea to the exclusion of everything else

2) Do believe in your idea and let your passion show

3) Selling is about listening

4) Get out of your “office”… Go to your “customers”

5) Keep learning

6) Pivot (change parts of the idea or approach based on learning)

7) Know when to put the idea on the back burner

8) Keep listening, the time to bring it back (with a twist ) will come

9) Celebrate

10) Acknowledge others

11) Do it again


Here is a related post with great insights:

Seven Hints for Selling Ideas by Rosabeth Moss Kanter, HBR



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