Lyssa Adkins and Michael Spayd came to lead our BayScrum meetup session. The learning was about Constellations. Which is a tool that can help us understand different perspectives around an issue or situation. Google System Constellations or Satir Constellations to learn about the method.

We talked a bit about how it works and then jumped into a demonstration – which was very intense. Lyssa and Michael cautioned that this is not something easy that we can just take back and try…it takes training, skill, and practice. Still, we can learn about perspectives and relationships just from watching and or participating.

I like to draw my learnings and have posted here …

Reflecting back, I can see that with any system (or people) there are relationships. The relationships enable energy (thoughts, ideas,conversations, caring, etc)  to flow between people. Better relationships enable easier flow, more trust, etc. When there are people within a system (constellation) that others are ignoring, discounting, disrespecting, etc then the energy (communication, trust) is low and the system feels stuck.

So I can map out systems, think about different perspectives, and look for the parts of the system where trust is low. Those part of the system need attention.

PS: this Reminds me of acupuncture … getting energy flowing …



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