Nurturing an online #Agile #Community of Practice

I am part of a wonderful new online community – the PMI-Agile Community of Practice. It’s still a toddler in my eyes…but it’s a big toddler at 13,000 subscribers. Wow!

And these past few days I attended a PMI conference with several great sessions focused on growing online communities of practice.

One of the sessions I enjoyed was “If you want to grow Oaks, You Need Nuts!”  with Mark Gray  .  My full session notes are in the drawings below!

I came away from the session, and subsequent discussions, inspired to nurture our community conversations.

Active participants in our community are the “vital few”… be curious:

  • What are they seeking?
  • Why are they here?
  • Acknowledge them for being willing to ask

Teach others to fish, rather than giving away fish

  • Resist the urge to solve the other person’s problem with “one solution”
  • Think about sharing sources of ideas, rather than answers
  • Cultivate dialog and mentorship
  • What do you think of…
  • Is this valuable? Or maybe not?
  • Here is a thought or here is a story, maybe it will spark some ideas…
  • That sounds interesting, let us know how it goes.

Building relationships, start with introductions

  • Here is who I am: Build an online profile so that people can learn about you
  • Attached an automatic signature block with profile link
  • Be curious about the other person

Come for the information, stay for the relationships

  • Be gentle, be respectful, be positive
  • “Strangers are just friends you haven’t met yet” Mark Gray

Inspiring session, hope to see more of Mark’s thinking and coaching in the future…

And inviting everyone who wants to join our learning community to join us at (would need to join PMI first at the basic subscription cost).


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