The Unstuck Class, the Coaching Stance that helps Agile execs and team members

I participated in the first ever Coaching Stance class offered by the  with Lyssa Adkins, Michael Spayd, and Cyntia Loy Darst. It was a great learning experience. And while I do want to write posts and share here as I process more of the ideas, I also am sensitive to the notion that people may be curious not about the class…  So I have posted all my notes here .

The next instance of the class will be again here in San Francisco – at the amazingly beautiful and collaborative EFI site Nov 16-17, 2011. I am proud to work here at EFI and happy for us to be able to provide the space. And to welcome agile coaches and learners to our building and environment.  Lyssa and Michael will also hold a Coaching Agile Teams class the same week Nov 14-15, 2011 – in the same space. I also can highly recommend that learning opportunity as well!

To sign up for either class












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