Learning more about project management

Someone recently asked me about favorite resources for learning more about project/program management … so here goes… If you just want to learn a bunch of really helpful, practical advice on program management at Microsoft I highly recommend the book, Making Things Happen.

To learn about Agile and Project Management, listen to some of the podcasts at http://agiletoolkit.libsyn.com/  , in particular the 16 December 2008 episode. Note: PMI will start a new SIG , called a VCP (Virtual Community of Practice) any day now. You can also download a number of very interesting papers on Agile and Project Management here. I especially resonated with the one about Agile Lessons Learned at Verisign.

What is PMI? This is the Project Management Institute, the worldwide organization that offers the well known PMP certification. (Project Management Professional). It takes at least 100 hours of so of intense studying to be able to pass the PMP exam. This study process with teach you a lot about Project Management process, structure, and standards. www.pmi.org  . The PMI organization also includes local groups in SF and San Jose that host learning and networking events. PMI also sponsors some interesting podcasts http://www.pmi-svcast.com/web/  and http://pmi.mypodcasts.net/  Another favorite book is called Manage it! By Johanna Rothman. She has a few podcasts too.

If you enjoy podcast learning, you will enjoy Cornelius Fichtner http://www.thepmpodcast.com/  …he also offers a cast called the Premium PM Prep cast for people studying for the PMP exam.

What are your favorite Project Management resources?


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